Whether you are staying local to the San Diego area for your summer outings or you have a road trip planned, traveling in your Kia Soul means keeping your fuel budget in mind. If you want to be able to cut back on some of the costs of traveling this summer, your friends at Kearny Pearson Kia have a number of tips that you can keep in the back of your mind. Even if the price of gas gets even higher, you have the ability to shave a few dollars off here and there, which translates into great savings overall.

Drive the Speed Limit – As your vehicle speed increases, the energy required to propel the car will grow. In most instances, fuel economy lessens once your vehicle is traveling over 50 mph, so it is best to stay in line with the speed limits during your summer travels.

Maintenance – If your Kia car is not in optimum working condition, you are not going to get the most out of it from a performance standpoint. Whenever the components under the hood are not working as they should be, you can cause additional drag on the engine. By the same token, your tires should always be properly inflated and have plenty of tread to make sure you are getting the most out of each gallon of fuel.

Avoid Excessive Stops and Starts – Coming to a full stop and accelerating uses more fuel than it would if you were able to coast safely through an intersection during a green light.

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