Are you trying to buy a new Kia car in San Diego, CA? It can be a difficult process for many buyers, but here at Kearny Pearson Kia, we’re willing and able to help you out. Not only can we help you find the car of your dreams, but we can also help you get the process started with a new car loan. Our Kia finance department in California can walk you through all the necessary steps when applying for a new car loan.

Step 1: Check Out Your Credit

The first step is quite simple but absolutely necessary. That’s because your credit score directly affects the potential rate on your car loan. It’s important that you have good credit before you try buying a new Kia car.

Step 2: Plan Your Payments

Planning your monthly car payment includes more than just the cost of the car. When calculating how much you can spend on a new Kia car, there are a few outside factors to consider. Be sure to account for the cost of insurance, gas, and any vehicle maintenance. If you have questions about how much you should spend on your car, talk to a representative at your California Kia dealer.

Step 3: Get Qualified

The final step is when you’ll actually get your new car loan. Getting pre-approved by a financial institution, like a bank or a credit union, will let you know the amount of your car loan. You’ll “qualify” for an amount and then you will be able to buy your new car as long as it’s within the parameters of the loan. If the cost of the car you want is more than you qualify for, you’ll need to supplement the loan with cash.

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